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Building a Future for Talpiot

Eden Company, Jerusalem Municipality
Totem, courtesy of Eden Company
Project Profile
Project Scope:
Strategy and Planning, Branding and Marketing of Cities and Regions, Project Management from A to Z
Year of Project Launch:
How does the project help the city?
Employment, mixed-use, transportation and traffic, commercial streets, public buildings, culture, recreation and leisure, public spaces

The Challenge

Over the years, the aging Jerusalem industrial zone of Talpiot has become the “utility” area for the residents of the city and its surroundings, with a multitude of garages, industrial and craft businesses, discount stores, and sundry local businesses. The approved master plan defines far-reaching urban transformation and allows about 2 million square meters of mixed-use building rights, including employment, commerce, public buildings, and 8,500 housing units. The Jerusalem Municipality, through the Eden company, is promoting the development of public space and transportation infrastructure; accordingly, it seeks to rapidly integrate, accelerate, and actualize the rights offered by the master plan for real estate developers, rights holders, corporations.


Our Role

Build is leading, on behalf of Eden and the Jerusalem Municipality, a strategic plan and ongoing project management for the launch and implementation of the master plan, as well as promoting engagement among the target audiences. The project demonstrates the exceptional attractiveness of the wide-ranging real estate, urban, and transportation opportunities of the renewed area, and creates a variety of applications that together bring about significant change over time to generate commerce. The program includes programmatic intervention in public and educational buildings, in the public sphere, in content and events, in marketing and digital applications, and in direct work with the relevant real estate developers, rights holders, business corporations, urban anchors, content creators, and urbanists.


The Impact

  • Significant increase in the interest of real estate developers from all over the country in doing business in Talpiot
  • Increase in the number of rights holders organizing and acting in the various areas
  • Increase in the number of businesses and corporations considering relocating to Talpiot
  • Growth of the cultural and artistic scene in the area, creating a new dynamic and innovative positioning for the area