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Ashkelon is Renewing – Urban Renewal Administration

Ashkelon Municipality, Ashkelon Economic Company
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Project Scope:
Branding and Marketing Cities and Regions
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How does the project help the city?
Municipal Services, Urban Renewal

The Challenge

The Ashkelon Urban Renewal Administration was established by the municipality and with the support of the Ministry of Construction and Housing. Its goal is to manage physical and social renewal processes in the city’s older neighborhoods, as a way to improve the residents’ quality of life. The Administration serves as the connecting and integrating factor between residents, developers, and the local municipality; its role is to motivate urban renewal in Ashkelon in a responsible and safe manner. The establishment of the administration is of significant importance to residents and apartment owners who will now be able to receive reliable information about their rights, as well as entrepreneurs interested in promoting projects, looking to confirm guidelines in the planning policy in the city. All that remained was to position the administration in a way that would make it clear to all core audiences that it is here for them, for any reason, and works in their best interest.


Our Role

In this project, we put publicity, branding, and marketing tools at the forefront. We sharpened the messages that the administration and the Ashkelon Municipality were interested in conveying to their target audience, and we united everything under the branding: Ashkelon is Renewing.


Here are some of the messages:

The Urban Renewal Administration and the Ashkelon Municipality are bringing a new spirit to the old neighborhoods and buildings, helping them to “wake up,” renew, and generate excitement. These neighborhoods get a boost of optimism, freshness, and hope, through an administration that brings order to urban renewal and constitutes a stamp of quality, responsibility, and objectivity – all non-profit and without hidden agendas. The Urban Renewal Administration is the motivating factor, enabling and connecting residents, the municipality, and developers, and does so through cooperation, transparency, and mutual listening – while nurturing the communities to create a sunnier future in the city.