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The Home for Urban Renewal

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Ezra and Batzron
Documentation and photography: Doron Sa'ar, build, courtesy of Ezra and Batzron
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Branding and Marketing Cities and Regions
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How does the project help the city?
Community, Urban Service, Urban Renewal

The Challenge

Urban renewal, as we know it today, is a process that was unfamiliar to most of the public until a few years ago. However, in recent years, the world of urban renewal in general (and in Tel Aviv-Yafo in particular) has gained tremendous momentum — and with it, many challenges. These can manifest in the form of supervision and regulation vis-à-vis business entities operating in the field or, in the case of this project, placing tenants, property owners, and residents at the center of the process. This is based on the understanding that they have a right to protect their interests, which do not always coincide with those of private entrepreneurs.


Our Role

The revolutionary “Home for Urban Renewal” of Ezra and Batzron and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality began as a strategic move that, for the first time, placed under one roof all the services and tools in the field of urban renewal for the benefit and welfare of the city’s residents and property owners. According to the process we formulated, information centers were established throughout the city, mainly in areas that were identified as particularly able to benefit from the service – Yad Eliyahu, Jaffa, and Neve Sharet. A system of advice and guidance was established on behalf of professionals, and courses and training programs were formulated for residents, which will provide materials and knowledge to all residents of the city on topics such as mediation processes between residents, assistance in organizing residents, community relations and public participation in planning processes, and assistance in selecting developers and contractors. In addition, the Urban Renewal House also specializes in accompanying and managing urban renewal projects from a social-community perspective.


The Impact

  • Hundreds of urban renewal projects have received attention from an entity whose sole purpose is to protect the public interest.
  • Thousands of residents of the city enjoy the content and professional guidance of the Urban Renewal House.
  • Many individuals visit the houses in Jaffa, Yad Eliyahu, and Neve Sharett to receive information and check the feasibility of promoting projects in the area.