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The 1000 in Rishon LeZion

Rishon LeZion Municipality, Administration of the 1000
Image: TOTEM, The 1000 Administration
Project Profile
Scope of Activity
Branding and marketing of cities and regions, strategy and planning, project management
Year of project launch
Eran Zeevi, Aman Corporation
How does the project help the city?
Employment, mixed-use facilities, transportation and traffic, commercial streets, public buildings, culture, recreation and leisure, public spaces

The Challenge

The 1000 project, which was established in western Rishon LeZion, aspired to be a symbol and model of advanced urbanism, with massive mixed-use areas, quality public transportation, and planning at human scale. Along with new residential buildings that will house more than 20,000 residents, and public parks on an area of 110 dunams, the 1000 is also designed to contain 1.7 million square meters of employment and commerce that will provide jobs for about 100,000 people. In the current reality, in which there is a planning surplus of employment space in all municipalities in the Tel Aviv and Central District,  The 1000 faced stiff competition to attract income-producing real estate developers and inhabited businesses. Therefore, the challenge before us was to deal with the competitive environment, and not to let the proposed employment space remain on paper only.

Our Role

The main task was to create a marketing strategy that would reflect to the entrepreneurs the uniqueness of the 1000, and make them believe, as we did, that a promising future lies beneath the grains of sand of the western Rishon. To do this, we embarked on a research project that mapped differentiating advantages on two main axes: functionality and human experience. We thus crystallized the clear potential: a central location in Israel that enjoys excellent accessibility in close proximity to Israel Railways and three planned light rail lines, an attractive cost structure for developers, and an urban lifestyle with spaces that are active throughout the day: entertainment venues and economical, green infrastructure.

The marketing strategy we led adhered to a dual-path model, which combined direct appeals to core audiences: real estate developers and decision makers in leading business companies, alongside outreach to complementary audiences: businesses and their employees, residents, and influencers. Taken together, we created a comprehensive change in consciousness, which positioned this winning urban brand at the center.

The Impact

  • About 700,000 square meters were sold in the first stage to leading companies and entrepreneurs such as the Discount Group, Amot, Pershkovsky, JTLV, and Rogovin.
  • Private landowners in the project area have joined accelerated planning and construction processes that are advancing the project.
  • Direct revenues of more than NIS 1 billion to the municipality’s coffers from the sale of land to date.
  • A tremendous construction boom in the area, interest from business companies and developers, a tailwind to promote marketing processes for renting land by real estate developers, and a shortcut to increasing municipal property tax revenues.
  • The Geocartography Survey for 2018-2020 determined that among the employment and residential quarters in Israel, the 1000leads in every parameter of awareness, positive positioning, preference, and desire to live or work in it.