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The New Generation of Early Childhood Centers in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Community, Culture and Sport Administration
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The Challenge

The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo sees young families as a strategic urban asset for which empowering platforms should be developed in the city’s living experience. With this in mind, the municipality decided to open two facilities exclusively for early childhood that will provide a solution for this population. One facility was planned for the Tel Aviv Port, and the other at the Train Station complex in Neve Tzedek. The challenge in this case was marketing – how to create a place of value that is different from the many centers that already exist in the city and are intended as a destination for the whole family.


Our Role

We started by defining the worldview of early childhood centers: a place that will provide quality time for parents and children, based on the many psychological approaches that emphasize the importance and long-term effects of the relationship between parents and toddlers — those that will contribute substantially to the emotional, social, and cognitive development of children as they are formed to a great extent in the first three years of their lives. According to the vision we formulated, the Early Childhood Home will be a fertile and professional ground that enables the strengthening of the connection between parents and their children and the rest of the family, through inspiring content within a warm, communial, framework.

Thus, the “Butterflies” and “HaMesila” centers were born as unique, valuable places for child development, appealing to parents of children aged 0-3. As part of the concept of managing the centers and connecting them to the local community, two community centers were chosen to take responsibility for managing the facilities on an ongoing basis and turning them into a professional community extension for activities in the neighborhood.

The brand story: “Growing Together”: Quality time, yours and his, that enhances the connection between you, and provides a strong, high-quality foundation for life. Continuous time in moments that will enrich the inner world of toddlers, influence their development, and give you a sense of empowerment and growth as a parent. Quality family time in an inspiring environment that encourages growth, and allows connection from the warmest, deepest, and most genuine place. In short, quality family time, together.