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We break down each municipal task into discrete factors in order to select and leverage the relevant tools from our areas of expertise. Some projects will combine several disciplines, and others will focus on one primary sphere, all depending on the nature of the challenge.

Multidisciplinary coverage is the name of the game

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Strategy and Urban Planning
It all starts here. We collect data, analyze information, explore space, and formulate insights. Next, our teams define a vision, broad goals, and more granular objectives, and build a compelling strategic plan for the changes we would like to lead in the city. The program is the beacon that leads the way for all partners in the process. Stages of the process include strategic planning, policy shaping, master plans, programmatic requirement documents, and model development.
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Urban Economics
Economic development is simply the foundation of a robust city. We advise on planning procedures from an economic perspective in the development of urban spaces, commercial streets, real estate projects, public buildings, employment districts, and transportation, among others. We offer smart, profitable solutions for jumpstarting and strengthening the local economy as a means to creating a variety of opportunities to improve revenues for the city and its businesses. Stages of the process include urban economics studies, defining commercial functions, zoning support, building models for municipal economies, economic advice for municipality development agreements and national plans, and providing opinions and insights for planning committees.
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Branding and Marketing of Cities
Promotion. Positioning. Messaging. Identity. Outreach. These tactics make the vision of the new urban destination clear-cut, attractive, and welcoming; skillfully developing these plans connects residents, and brings visitors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to the city. We build powerful urban brands that reinforce local identity and bridge the gap between the initial “drafting table” strategy and the city’s citizens. Branding begins with a strategic story, which is expressed in a wide variety of applications that make up one broad, consistent, clear picture, to generate a change in consciousness and human connection. Stages of this process include core marketing strategies, local identity formulation, urban storytelling, branding places and cities, consulting and accompaniment for local and public relations campaigns, and the development of cutting-edge digital strategies and applications.
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Public Participation
Thriving cities depend on an engaged citizenry. Recognizing this, we champion public collaboration to bridge the gap between the municipality, residents, business owners, and diverse stakeholders. We facilitate inclusive, interactive forums – explanatory meetings, digital surveys, roundtables, focus groups, citizen assemblies, and participatory planning – fostering dialogue and cooperation for the city's betterment. By empowering diverse voices and ensuring accessible information exchange, we cultivate a collective approach that leads to optimal outcomes for all.
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Municipal Innovation
Innovation is a wonderful way to re-imagine and streamline urban functioning. We identify needs, define complex urban challenges, and apply modern, cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies. A core goal of such innovation is to create new realities and processes that support sustainable and humane urbanism. Stages of this process include formulating a broad innovation strategy, locating proven startups and traditional technology companies to implement the solutions, and finally, project management to deploy them in the municipal arena.
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Project Management from A to Z
Project management is the essential tool that ensures that our plans are executed and completed professionally and successfully. We assemble the team, integrate and manage the consultants and suppliers, gather partners, and, of course, commit to schedules and budgets. We often formulate project implementation work plans detailing the means to reach the goal, and then we lead that implementation. Stages of this process include planning management, the establishment of municipal administrations, ongoing management, and implementation of project portfolios.
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