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We connect people to places

Our passionate focus is urban strategy and project management. We provide services to local authorities, municipal corporations, and government ministries, with the aim of creating enhanced and higher-quality experiences in cities for all residents, workforces, and visitors.

Our approach to urban projects is founded on the human perspective, in the belief that an active and vibrant environment must, first and foremost, suit the needs of the people who live and work there: Public recreational spaces designed to match the needs of the people who enjoy residential neighborhoods that thrive with spaces for community gathering; culture, tourism, and prosperous local businesses with facilities to cater specifically and primarily to their core audiences.

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We help municipalities, local and regional councils, and government ministries make a difference through our expertise in a long list of consulting fields. From the research and planning stages to the implementation and management of projects, our role is to create powerful, long-term impact and added value for areas and spaces, as a means to fashion them into flourishing, active, and remarkable settings, transforming day-to-day life in a city.

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An integrated approach to urban development
We blend a broad spectrum of urban perspectives and priorities with the understanding that the city is, essentially, a living and dynamic 'organism.'
Transportation factors
- Definition and classification of urban streets
- Public transportation and station environs
- Promoting sustainable modes of transport
Physical factors
- Development and design of the public space
- Soft interventions and placemaking
- Useful facilities and amenities
Human factors
- Behavior studies and opinion surveys
- Public participation
- Observing and assessing activities
Economic factors
- Programmatic requirement documents
- Focused business plans
- Economic impact of development
- Strategizing for the local economy
Technology factors
- Implementation of advanced initiatives
- Innovation laboratories
- Streamlining planning processes
City Image factors
- Strengthening local identity
- Branding and marketing of urban spaces
- Wayfinding
Environmental factors
- Urban nature development
- Sustainability
- Renewable Energy
Management aspects
- Establishment of administrations
and municipal bodies
- Project management
- Organisational Collaboration
Our Management Team
The company's management and consultant teams are comprised of veterans in a variety of urban fields, such as urban planning and design, urban economy, marketing and branding, culture and content, innovation and sustainability, project management, and more. These diverse and comprehensive areas of expertise and experience help us examine each urban challenge through several lenses, and to offer smart, tailored, optimal solutions.
Yogev Sharvit
Head of the Economic Department
Nir Avraham
Founding Partner
Nir Levlovich
CEO & Founding Partner
Adi Barak
Urban Planner and Project Manager
Noa Elharar
Urban Planner and Project Manager
Yael Galili
Head of the Public Participation Department